Golden Valley Forest Garden .

The land is located in a rural lowland agricultural area in the Golden Valley in Herefordshire.

The developing forest garden is about a third of an acre within a 2 acre deer-fenced hay meadow and mixed young orchard. The first trees were planted in Autumn 2010. The whole, sits within an 8.3 acre smallholding, the rest of which is traditional hay meadow and hedges, being managed for biodiversity and in Higher Level Stewardship.

The land is non-residential as it stands, and has a 7.5m x 4m green oak, sheepswool insulated barn workshop with a wood stove. There is a 10m x 4m 'Haygrove' polytunnel, compost toilet shed, and x7 1200ltr rainwater collection tanks.

There is the possibility of developing a seasonal pond and other environmental features.

View from main gate

View from main gate, with mixed orchard in foreground, and forest garden by the barn and polytunnel.

View through almond tree, with oregano and welsh onions in foreground, and raspberry canes to right.

 General view from barn doorway